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Deception by R Stanley-3
Deception by R Stanley-4

Deception can come in various means.

Paul deliberately uses the word serpent.

for eve , she does not know it is satan, she thought it was s beautiful organism.

even before the first sinb committed eve could be decieved by craftiness of serpent.

whatever the devil said to eve it is mixture of truth and lies.

eve was decieved and adam was obeyed.

Deception by R Stanley-11

The elects can also be decieved by the false christ and false prophets.

Deception by R Stanley-13
Deception by R Stanley-14

deception is spiritual unconsciousness or semi consciousness.

when satan decieved the eve he had 4000 years less experience but now he has 4000 years+ experience.


Deception by R Stanley-18

I) supremacy and sufficiency of christ :

Nobody equal to him .

In evangelism more reference is given to god not the christ.

jesus the son of god on which the church will be built.

Deception by R Stanley-24
Deception by R Stanley-25
Deception by R Stanley-26

gospel message will be weakened.

2) Lifestyle

Deception by R Stanley-30

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